Issues to address

Focus on Small Business Growth


Small Business & Retail Development

I am a small business owner who helps other businesses brands and markets their business.  In essence, I grow business.  Yet, our leadership is not utilizing local leaders to leverage business growth.  In fact, most of them have never owned a business and have given key leadership roles in the business to non-business owners.  This is flabbergasting to me. 

My goal is to get the bureaucracy out of the way of growth for our city.  The growth is here, now.  We have been preparing for over a decade to clean up our city’s image, to bring in new developments.  That time is here.  I am a local small business owner and I understand the difficulty of keeping my doors open in a small community.  We need to shop in Kennedale to promote our local economy and our small business neighbors.  A strong healthy community with shops, restaurants and entertainment decreases our reliability of property tax as income for the city.  We all want a safe area, great parks, good streets, and better infrastructure.

Community Health

Community Events

I have been on the front line of community events for the last decade. To have a healthy community, we need to have community events. Especially in a small town. I find a direct correlation between events being canceled and our current state of division within the city. That is why I created the Concert in the Park to support our Local Foodbank. My plan was to bring our neighbors together with an event that has a righteous goal. I am excited that each year this event has grown, and we have great plans for it next year.


It is an honor to plan our 75th birthday celebration for Kennedale.  That is June 25th.  It is important to recognize where we were 75 years ago vs. where we are today, and where we will be in another 75 years.

I will always encourage and promote groups that want to host community events.

Our parks

Sports complex

I have been privileged to serve on the Park’s Board for many years and as Chairman. One initiative that I am proud of is bringing the lack of Park’s funds to the attention of both the board and the current council. I have utilized potential Eagle Scouts Projects to enhance our Parks but, more importantly, brought the attention of a lack of budget for the upkeep and improvements to Sanora Park and its baseball fields. Currently, I am spearheading a plan to create a sports complex in Kennedale to support local youth activities. By doing this, we can hold tournaments at our fields. Tournaments will create revenue for the park’s maintenance. If I become your representative, I will champion a public bond election to cover this (and other) Park improvement projects.

State of the city

More police

I truly believe we have a safe community. That is because of our Police Department. We have come a long way in the past 5 years in hiring and getting the equipment our officers need.  This is in part of our New Police Chief and his determination to his staff to be the best for Kennedale.  

There is a huge need, however, which is the facilities that our police are using.  It is getting small and is outdated.  There is a bond package floating around that has the park’s plan and a new station for our Fire and Police.  This has unfortunately stalled in council.  When I become City Council Place 5, I will re-champion this bond package to the council, to get it as a vote before the people. 



We are in a good state in our budget.  A lot of that has to do with saving money during the shutdown.  There are a lot of things being overlooked.  Park improvements and maintenance.  Our roads and future infrastructure for growth.  Our senior center needs a different approach.  My biggest concern is current inflation numbers and the cost of living for the area.  Our biggest expenditure is our staff.  Currently, the city hall is half empty.  One of the reasons why we can’t seem to hire is the pay rate of our workers.  It is not competitive.  The council must start addressing this issue not for the now but for the next decade.