About Me

I am a UTA graduate and owner of TechXperts.guru and the Kennedale News.  I have a lovely wife, 3 lovely daughters, and a son. I have lived in Kennedale since 2006 and I have served this community since 2009. I am a firm believer in servitude to one’s church, community, and family. When I am not volunteering in Kennedale, Tarrant County, Texas, and the United States, I enjoy watching re-runs of Star Trek (all of them). I am a 3rd Generation Deep-Sea Fisherman and enjoy fishing when I can get to the ocean. I recenlty had to give up playing guitar because of carpel tunnel but I have come back to playing the drums.  My favorite thing to do is serve my community through my business and volunteering.   I am a native Texan, born in San Antonio.  I have graduated every level of school, been baptized and married in Texas.  I have also been blessed with life allowing me to live all over our country and some parts of the world.  I truly beleive Texas is the best place to live and Kennedale is the best to raise a family.

Meet Jeff

Jeff is a community leader and Organizer. He is a Director/Sgt. in Arms for the Kennedale’s Rotary Club.  A long-time member and former Ambassador to the Kennedale Chamber of Commerce. He is also on several Boards and Committees for the City of Kennedale.  He has also served on Advisory Committees for Congress.  Every year he leads his community’s events including Concert in the Park.

Gathering all these skills he created TechXperts.guru; a Kennedale-based business that empowers business owners with technology. He is recognized as an expert in his field for testimony purposes in Tarrant, Dallas, Johnson, Parker Counties Criminal Courts.  He is recognized as a friend of the court.

Jeff is a humble servant to his church, community, family, and friends.